🌍🏆 Supremacy 1914 World Cup Championship: Rules & Application

  • I believe that almost half of guys in the second round are from GOMA and GOMA2 alliances so I wouldn't be surprised to see 3 of them on the map for 5.

    I am happy that except of 2 GOMAs we have 3 independent players which makes it winnable.

    Mori turi te salutant

  • Seriously, why don't you all stop crying about alliances and things being unfair.. Supremacy is unfair! Life is unfair!

    In my previous game, I had a member of my alliance in my game, we were France and Ottoman Empire, a very bad combination to be honest. But we had players sending pm to others crying because we are from same alliance, and that everyone has to join together to attack us. Everyone is entitled to an ally as there are 2 going through. So where was our benefit in this game for being part of the alliance? I had to ally with a country that was far away and had everyone against us.

    And now, in a game of 5 players, there is 2 of us of the same alliance and the other 3 are already crying about this and joining up against us. So you cry because you are going to fight 3 of you against 2 of us? You guys are so honourable.

    And if you don't like this tournamet make suggestions to improve it if there is a next time or organize something yourselves, you don't need to be a support member to organize an event. But it's so much easier to rant than to do something about it.

  • I think it is not crying... If someone raises a question about fairness of the draw.

    The fact is in some maps in first round there where so many players from same alliance so many able players didn´t make through because they had no chance.

    Now in this second round players are more evenly distributed so there will not be similar problems than in first round.

    After all this is Supremacy world cup and the idea behind it is to find best players of supremacy, if you are against an group of alliance players and all alone it doesn´t matter how good you are you will get wiped out due to having overwhelming opponent forces.

    Maybe next year we could have limitations on how many players can participate from same alliance?

  • Maybe next year we could have limitations on how many players can participate from same alliance?

    any suggestions on how to do such a thing?


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  • The draw was completely random. We discussed manually redistributing them to have less of the same alliance in the same maps, but then it wouldn't be randomized anymore, that'd be cheating on our part.

  • The thing is you consider that various players from same alliance is an advantage, but I don't see it that way. I think it just makes everyone join up against us.

    In the previous game we were widely targeted, and now in a 5 players game, there's me and an ally against 3, so how is this an advantage? If we didn't have alliance tag, they wouldn't have joined against us.

    I think however you plan it out, there will always be unfair situations.. oil distribution, players joinging up agains others, betrayals, etc.

    And I'm not saying the tournament is perfect, there are a couple of things I would definitely change, but this is still a great iniciative.

  • I was told that size factor and splitting stacks into smaller units was an exploit and should not be used on the world supremacy game - taking a large stack heading to the initial target and breaking it into smaller stacks going to the same initial target but different locations beyond the initial target. All hitting at the same time.

  • Hello Com and Support!

    I was disqualified from the World Cup to day at 12:28 for no apparent reason.

    I just hope that there is a valid explanation, I have neither used Gold Mark, nor committed a rule violation.

    I ask for clarification as soon as possible.

  • I too was banned, just for picking my target,in war you attack the weakest point first, if they were not teaming as an alliance I would only have the one army to fight in the city. Lets have the reason posted for all to see.

  • Hello,

    All the players who have been banned today have been informed via a private message. We never discuss bans in public, thus we won't do it this time.

    If there are any questions in relation to your ban feel free to reply on the received message.

    Community Support

    Supremacy 1: The Great War | EN Main Administrator

    Supremacy 1914 | NL Moderator

  • Messages regarding to the ban will be removed from the forum. You can contact us via the received message.

    Community Support

    Supremacy 1: The Great War | EN Main Administrator

    Supremacy 1914 | NL Moderator

  • It does not matter, we were better prepared ,had better knowledge of the game , better cooperation and strategy than GOMA who was only hoping for S&S. When they saw they will lose before arts they had to do sth.

    thanks Wagram and Chris - it was my pleasure to take part in our Szeged charge and crush GOMA

    we all know that if we were not banned vienna was falling today and berlin tomorrow and GOMA was out of tournament in our game.

    always happy to play with you two on any map.

  • Dear users,

    It has come to my attention that something has happened in game which angers some of you. Let me be clear that the forum rules do not allow discussing bans/cheats or blacklisting users in anyform. If you guys decide to do that you will eventually receive a forum ban thanks to the infraction system.

    Further more I'd like to stress that banning users in game for exploiting bugs is one of the functions of the Game Operators and as such has little to do with the Championship. If you feel treated unfairly you move it up the ranks of the crew. As this is the championship I advice to take it up to Whitetiger81. You can also contact me if you have questions about deleted posts on the forum.

    As reference to the broken rules in this thread I'll now give the forum rule numbers which can be found back on the forum rule page.

    I.1.d. Denouncing users/players

    I.2.c Denouncing users calls for spam

    I.2.n Criticism and reviews remain in the feedback section, critic on bans and moderatorial actions follow the chain of command.

    II.10. Following moderator instructions

    III.1 Moderators have the right to give infraction points when you disagree with a given warning you contact the Smod, myself

    III.5 Disatisfaction on moderatorial decisions are taken to private and discusses with the moderator or his superior.

    This is a trimmed down list. All forum rules apply. As the Championship is hosted on the EN server it is subject to the EN rules and guidlines and as such are the participants. Failure to abide to these guidelines will result in temporary or permanent removal from the forum.

    If you have more questions feel free to contact me in private here on the forum/through email or through the support system and I'll reply as soon as possible. I have no connection to the organizers of the world cup other then my forum duties as moderator so I am more or less neutral in this discussion. As Senior moderator it is also my task to guard the quality of moderatorial actions taken.

    As final note I would like to state that this forum language is English. Breaking this rule while knowing you break it will result in a warning which may lead to a temporary ban. I'm always willing to discuss constructivly so feel free to contact me but just breaking the rules for the sake of breaking the rules is far from constructivly nor problem solving. If you distrust me then the chain of command from this point onwards goes:

    Whitetiger81 [MA]
    Ikkeenniem [CC]

    Any new rulebreak in this thread or the creation of new threads to complain will result in closure/deletion and the giving of an infraction point.

    Yours sincerely,

    ex - EN Senior Moderator

    Questions about the game? Have a look at the manual and the FAQ's.

    Need game support? Send a ticket or contact the crew.

    Have an idea for the game? Check the BigList.

  • Maybe it's just me but if something is available to everyone then how can it be an exploit. just because some people do not know about it or have not learned some tactics doesn't mean other people should not be able to use it.

    If someone is actually hacking the game somehow to give themselves an advantage then that is completely different. But seriously I am sick of seeing people complain about something that the game allows and crying cheat.

    This includes, SnS, GM use, warping, splitting etc etc ....... learn how the game works, use it to your advantage and stop complaining .......

    OK rant over .......

  • Every top player and alliance knows that. If someone doesnt he can learn it straight away and use against opponent like everyone on our map did.

    And who should I contact if I want to appeal from a ban. I do not chat so there is no other way I can ask for that.

    thank you



    Please do not troll the grammar mistakes done by other users. Further more I just warned to end the discussion 1 infractionpoint given, NarmerTheLion.