• 500 rush map, last days. guy A is kamikazzing everything that he has into his neighbor Z to help his ally B who is taking all A's resources, all his provs without a fight, taking also capital and then following with the attack against weakened enemy Z - is it push?

    anyone knows answer to this simple question? map will last for only 2 days more and there is no time to wait for 72 h for moderators interventions so what is real answer to that question?

  • This is obvious account pushing and in a Rush map with a clock you down to last 2 days it is wild west you can do anything you wish and no reports will be acted upon unless you can file report along with DM one of GO's or higher to look for this specific report, which is not Bytro policy all reports are to be investigated in order they are filed...

    The real answer in any "wild west" situation and 72 hours to get response is lost cause in these event maps, is use all tricks you know in final days of any Event or Rush map and let the cards fall where they may... any predefined response of are you still having this issue or thank you for your report will not change outcome...what is worst will happen, possible strip some like us of a Medal, but these random cheaters and rule breakers will not be punished , if they are we will never know...

    Wild West rules, shoot first ask questions later after smoke settles ;)

    Perhaps BYTRO should implement policy to do all Event /Rush map reports in 1 day rather than usual 72 hours?

    Embrace your true nature , enjoy games and have fun!

  • Ouch, this is a serious problem and I doubt if there's a solution other than Bytro implementing a policy where they can punish the cheaters after the fact. i.e. Taking Olympic medals back from athletes caught using drugs to enhance their performance.

    Bytro's privacy policies won't allow them to let us know about that though so they need to really re-think their position on that too.

    What I fear now though guys, we've just alerted cheaters to a usable loophole for them that they might not have thought of on their own.

  • it is impossible to ask mods a question on chat, they are not around somehow

    what other solution do I have?

    they will not respond to me in reports too...

    i just want to know if it is a push or not and if it is banable

    if not then everyone should be able to use it

    if it is forbidden- then that guy should not get a medal

  • I have banned pusher myself

    I do not want to sound too harsh but:

    why players are forced to clean that mess themselves? shouldn't we be protected from cheaters instead of being forced to remove them ourselves?

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