[S1914] Legacy-Removal Feedback Thread

  • in fact the problem is that you changed a version which worked very well, by a version which is totally buggy.

    I've been on this new version for a month now, but it's hard, it's really hard, it sucks, buggy, badly optimized.

    please give us back the legacy mode

  • Came back to see legacy mode is gone, very sad to see this. I truly feel like a piece of supremacy is dead forever.

    they said the same about java version

    but it is true that revamp is unplayable and has too many lags and errors to be used on competitive level

    piece of trash but it is the only piece we have

    they will not get new UI for he next 5-10 years

  • Buddha, as always, I am very pleased that you are one of those die hard players that really appreciates the game, despite all those annoying updates that you take issue with.
    Stay the course, it is nice to see dedication to the game.

    A half truth is merely a half lie.

  • Just dropping my bit of discontent with the news (for me) that Legacy mode has been removed:

    Legacy was minimalist. There were probably ways it could be improved, but the new UI is completely focused on fanciness rather than utility. Hope something is eventually done about this so I can play this game again, been playing it on and off for several years and I always loved coming back to it for a few rounds.

  • That's nice - after years of disregarding all of the substantial feedback, acknowledge it with a bunch of lip. I mean, one could take the fact that that guy is even here, all this time after Legacy has been pulled, to leave that opinion to mean he must be fairly dedicated to even care at this point in time. I guess he had it coming for that mistake. And I guess being more vocal about your disregard can be considered an asset.

  • Yea I do not agree with guy about new version being unplayable, but Freezy comment comes with a knowledge that all the 10's of thousands playing do not have option and newbies never knew the simplicity of Legacy, with tactical armies or pin armies display, everyone was forced into this new UI and I would not be surprised if Bytro ultimately eliminates any support for PC version of game and only way to possibly play will be with multiple clicks on mobil / tablet device to do same exact thing you could do with a click and movement of a mouse... evolution , thanks for the years of fun and agony ;)


    Embrace your true nature , enjoy games and have fun!

  • multiple clicks on mobil / tablet device to do same exact thing you could do with a click and movement of a mouse

    These sorts of things have already been achieved in several spots - sometimes, where in the previous UI no input action at all was even neccessary to recieve information that now requires at least one click or more. These are objectively quantifiable ways in which the game has gotten straight up worse, no amount of "personal preference" involved. These are countable metrics of accessibility.

    If the response to that is "We don't care, the kids are still paying", it's telling. Nothing out of the ordinary in today's world, sure, but then again Supremacy used to be something out of the ordinary by its quality, that recieved high accolades back when this game was widely considered to be one of the best of its kind that were ever made.

    And then someone found out that you simply don't need quality to make cash on the mobile gaming market. And that's why we're looking at this thing we're looking at today that used to be browser game of the year in the year of its release.

  • Like it or not, this is a business. They have limited resources in which to provide a format that the MAJORITY of the community can agree too.
    Thousands, even tens of thousands of players hardly constitute a majority by any standard when the player registration is over 5 million.
    Servers cost. Staff costs. Tech support costs. Brick and morter costs.
    The game is free.
    Do the math.

    A half truth is merely a half lie.

  • a format that the MAJORITY of the community can agree too.

    The "majority of the community" is not made up of professional game designers who should know how to craft a purpose-driven UI to meet a standard set by the company itself by what it had accomplished before.

    The "majority of the community" is made up of throwaway accounts that generate revenue for one to two weeks and then get bored and leave forever, to be milked the same way by the next developer.

    The game is free.
    Do the math.

    Many other games are free.

    The game was free all the time but it used to be objectively better.

    It was free when it was award-winning, widely held in high regards by critics and had a massively involved community with very commited fans of the game.

    Does it even have to be free? That is always flung around like that was a god-given commandment, but it was indeed a choice the company has specifically made. It's all besides the point anyway because the topic here isn't the monetization system. We're not talking about where the money comes from, it's about what it was spent on.

    Because I also fail to see how "Ask for feedback, then ignore it and implement arbitrary changes" costs less resources in any regard.

  • Then why play? If it is SO bad, why are you here?

    For full disclosure, I don't play anymore. I tried, but in this state I really don't enjoy this game anymore - a game I used to love immensly. That's why I'm still here. Because I know how much better this game can be and have a pipe dream that anyone does give a rodent's behind about that enough to glance past the endless numbers of mobile users being streamed through to check out the actual state of the product they're selling.

  • Hi Lost. What are some of the main things that turn you off of the current state of the game?

    If you're really that interested, I have a pretty extensive list of suggestions/grievances that I compiled a while ago.

    It's not 100% up to date I guess, you could argue everything about the 3D-sprites is moot since you can at least turn them off entirely now. Mostly everything else is (sadly) still relevant.

    And I may add the balancing update which is atrocious in most ways, but that would be a flatus in the wind really. It was clearly done to achieve very specific purposes.