[S1914] Legacy-Removal Feedback Thread

  • Problems with the new version. The main screen isn't as clear cut as Legacy. You've got to constantly zoom in and out to effectively micro manage your troops in battle, and actually see what's going on as a whole. It's annoying and time consuming. The layout of the various windows are not as user friendly when playing from a laptop. I'm sure if I continue to mess around with it I can figure out a configuration where various windows aren't cut off, and you can't move them around like you can with windows from other programs, but do I want the hassle for a game I don't intend on continuing to play anyway? The espionage window is very ineffectual as compared to Legacy. Finally, the increased graphics, which add absolutely nothing to this game and are annoying, have increased the bandwidth required to play. I work for the Coast Guard, band width is at a premium and Legacy was at the cusp of it. Over my years playing I've spent hundreds of dollars, possibly thousands, on this game and you have lost my business. I am not alone. The current 500 game I'm in (my last game unless Legacy is brought back) is in day 12 with less than 220 players.

  • totally agree - what will i do with my time now i will no longer play this game

  • Hi, ich bezweifel, dass die neue Version die ganzen Möglichkeiten mit Legacy in Zukunft vereinen wird. Die neue Version gibt es schon länger und nichts hat sich in die Richtung getan. Lediglich grafisches Zeugs aber kampftechnisch gesehen hat sich nichts verbessert. Eher zum schlechteren. Worauf ich natürlich sehr viel Wert lege bei einem Kriegsspiel! Die neue Version wurde von mir ab und zu getestet und für nicht gut genug empfunden.

    Hey, mir fällt gerade ein, es ist bald Sommer und an der Sonne ist es auch schön.

    Ich werde wohl auch erstmal nicht spielen, sei denn es gibt mir jemand einen guten Grund.

    Sorry, aber die technischen Möglichkeiten und zeitlichen Ersparnisse bei Legacy überwiegen den Bedürfniss die neue Version zu spielen.

    Vielleicht ist es ja in einem halben Jahr anders? Naja, mal sehen...

    MfG, Graflord

    i dont think we can make it look EXACTLY like legacy mode, but im sure bytro would listen if we provide suggestions to make it closer to it, like the low graphics mode is already a huge improvement for me :)

  • I play on many servers and I realized that more and more users leave games, not to mention double accounts.

    Scenarios such as South America, Battle of the Balkans, battle for Western Europe, are no longer played and the others immediately abandoned, few players remain to fight against AI.

    This is a really valid point. One of my roles was to play in some tutorial games to spot new talent for our Alliance. Since the new UI came in almost every game gets abandoned by most new players almost immediately. Yes there were always lots of drop outs but never this bad.

    The new UI was supposed to attract new blood but how many stick around for even a full game....

  • Oh dear, you know you messed up when rivaling players all join to say you messed up big time.

    I wont be writting paragraphs upon paragraphs, what I wanted to say about the new version was already said by Hastings,Golden Buddha,Baptised InVodka,Furry1, Zerok3005,Vinnie81 and many others.I am just putting my support to their statments on here.

    Also don't be suprised we have little trust in the devs,revamp has been around for a few years now and we keep giving back the same feedback on it yet nothing is done.You want us happy give us Legacy,it could be the low graphics mode or finally take our feedback into account and change something and not run after money.

  • Bytro had 3 years to respond to the suggestions from the community

    and to change some features.

    Nothing happened.

    Now, it's a game for people, who like

    3D-ships as big as Sardinien and watch ads

    for some Goldmark.

    It's over.

    Get used to it.

  • Legacy will not be reimplemented as the reason behind its removal was that it runs seperately from the standard mode and eats up too much ressources regarding maintenance. We can however adjust the standard client in order to better reflect the look of legacy if legacy fans provide us with conrete points that we can work on in order to make it happen.
    Thanks for pointing out the border issues.

    scrap the standard mode since it's unplayable, and restore the legacy mode as the standard mode (which it originally was) and hire some game designers who know what they are doing. The game is conceptually great, it's the interface that needs a lot of work. This way maintenance is simplified, without the problems of trying to implement an inferior product. The problem driving me out is the continuous scrolling of the map, those stupid cards marking our units, and blocking visibility on the map. Find out who likes the new mode and why. Don't try to reinvent the wheel when you have a perfectly good one, if it ain't broke don't fix it.

  • I have been playing since March 2012. I consider the new version a disaster, totally unplayable. However, I want to try and wait a while before giving up the game to see if they listen to the complaints of those who consider the new (and only) version to be an unquestionable deterioration. It's not just the graphics that have changed, the new version completely changes the spirit of the game, the concept. It's no longer a strategy game, now it's a little game where the goal is to buy lots of golds to get more weapons than the opponent. All without any logic, without planning, without strategy....but with more attractive graphics. Wow! Let's see what happens, if nothing changes I will add myself to the list of those who will be forced by the developers to abandon. Thanks....

  • Take the pleasure of going to the archives and looking for the 2018 revamp discussions.

    The feedback was the same as it is now.

    Since there has been no improvement, all those who already left the feedback then went back to the legacy, and now we are all over again.

    Our opinion, our feedback, all this, is useless.

  • Just my view

    Have been playing since 2009 - - Field Marshall at present

    Liked the game a lot and enjoyed playing with people of the same ilk

    Now that legacy has been removed -cant play any more

    Did try a few years back and last week but the GUI was an utter mess in 'my' eys

    Am sure that some people like it -- maybe they had no choice as an option may not have been given to them

    But to folks who have played with the legacy system for a number of years, learning a new style of GUI that is overloaded with graphics, does not add to the game but only distracts from it is a pain

    I am not going to spend my time learning or trying to learn on a system when I know the better one is still there

    I Will look back in a few weeks to see if anything changes, if not will leave for good

    I am one in 1,000's so am sure it won't be a great loss but am sure there are quite a few people like me


  • not even city queue is working

    I was looking for New York by name and could not find it in my provinces

    it happens very often that you have city for weeks and it is not present on the list

    please fix whole Revamp ASAP so people are able to select units and cities , use them, build units and buildings , make trades with others - without that game it is not possible to play

    in that stage I am surprised someone even allowed that 'thing' go live as this is broken in every possible way

    it reminds more like pre-alpha prototype on a kick starter trying to get people to sponsor it

    I am not interested in sponsoring it

  • Ladies and gentlemen of Bytro,

    I believe you are facing a decision here similar to the decision Coca-Cola faced in 1985 when they changed the formula for their product. If you're not aware of what happened back then I strongly recommend that you do a little research and discover what transpired before it's too late.

    All of us that are saying we are not happy with your decision regarding Legacy are NOT just being a bunch of petulant children that are acting up because mommy doesn't want to give us some candy. We're your customers, your friends, and even your cheerleaders at times so please stop treating us as though we're something else.

    This all boils down to a simple question, "Is this the hill you want to die on?" If you can't understand that saying, let me translate it for you a little. In other words, are you so absolutely sure that your decision is the right one that you would be willing to sacrifice your very own life rather than change it?

    You say give you some time to change things and make it better but we've already given you almost 3 years and very little has happened in that time. As a further suggestion, I would say give us a timeframe and schedule of when things will take place. Something similar to the old MS Project with hard projections and goals that we can see. IF you cannot do this, I also suggest that you return Legacy mode until you can establish a Project guideline and then begin implementing it. IF you require any assistance with how to deal with Project Development, please contact me. I've been a Project Lead on many things over the decades.

  • First of all, thanks to everyone for sharing your thoughts here. While I can't promise everything will be adressed I can assure you that this is the best and most reliable way of letting me know about the things that trouble you and I already relayed your feedback. (We had public holidays here in Germany on thursday and friday last week, hence my somewhat delayed reply).
    Secondly, I can't make Legacy reappear. Sorry to say but I'd be lying when putting it any other way: it's gone and it's gone for good. The decision was made a long time ago and it was merely executed (no pun intended).

    For now the best advice I can give you is to switch to low graphics mode and definitely turn the relations view mode off in your map filters. This will make country colours look fairly similar to legacy.

    As to some smaller issues that came up where I can offer you at least some tips:

    • the inactive status of players is displayed in the diplomatic menu itself and is fairly easy to spot once you know where to look. It's indicated by either a human symbol ( active) or a pc screen (inactive/AI)
    • you can switch relations to users in the diplomatic menu or by sending diplomatic offers to them via trade
    • exact unit positions are indicated by position points that are clearly displayed on movement lanes and are more prominent when selecting a unit.

    In general while it's not ideal, I'm under the impression that many of you are most likely using the most zoomed out view level possible that still displays the "big" unit icons and are therefore (rightfully) having some trouble adapting to not being able to see everything first glace at these levels. I can only recommend to try and use the zoom functions some more when micromanaging your units as they're quite easily managable on zoomed in levels.
    While I can't personally bring legacy back or promise you that every bit of feedback will result in changes withing days, I can assure you that I'm relaying your feedback and trying my best to come up with ways to implement them if possible.

    We will definitely take a look at the size of 3D models and the option to reduce their size, or implement a map filter that will not display them so you can purely work with army labels.
    The size of the labels on lower zoom levels (when a larger portion of the map is visible) will also be reviewed.
    For a start this should make the standard view mode less cluttered and result in a better overview.

    Please give us some time to work on solutions. In case anyone has additional feedback that wasn't mentioned already, by all means let me and the rest of this thread know about it. Keep in mind that "bring legacy mode back or I'll quit" sadly doesn't really help anyone. I can't communicate this as a point to adress and you won't bring back legacy either. There have been many great posts made that really help to get your needs and wishes across but there have also been some that don't qualify as constructive feedback in any way. For the sake of your own agenda, the former will be a much better investment of your time.

    Yours truely,

  • We will definitely take a look at the size of 3D models and the option to reduce their size, or implement a map filter that will not display them so you can purely work with army labels.

    Best thing you can do is to give us an option for "tactical armies display", the original version of this ReVamp UI had such an option, (This Tactical armies is still visible button does not work on mobil app) this one thing will keep your veteran players playing.

    Kind Regards, Hastings TNT


    Embrace your true nature , enjoy games and have fun!

  • I also want to chime in to say several improvements have been taskified already and some are already being worked on. They will of course not make the game look like legacy (it really wont come back), but they will adress some of the usability concerns raised here, especially in terms of readability of the map and also usability of certain interfaces. We cannot adress everything as often times opinions also differ, but we agree that the current version is not perfect and we will continue working on it. Although you should'nt expect a drastic change in visuals, you will certainly like some of the improvements that we plan to do. Due to how our release schedule works and how booked the upcoming weeks already are for our Devs it is likely though that the changes will take several weeks to be released to the live version of the game. I hope you can hang in there!

    But improvements will definitely be happening, it's not just an empty phrase. You can take a look at Call of War, we actually removed the old view mode there (called Canvas) as well over a month ago. The initial reaction to that was similar to here, but we collected a lot of feedback and made changes and now the feedback got much better already. How things turned out in CoW was a good proof of concept. I hope that we can achieve the same here.

    I can also tell you that turning off the old view modes in CoW and S1914 has so far barely been noticable in the games' KPIs (metrics), so you don't need to worry that the games are going down due to these changes. Far from it, we are making them ready for the future! And you and your feedback will certainly play a part in this, so a big thanks to everyone for their help and loyalty over all these years.

    Keep the feedback coming!